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Digital Documentation

With immutability comes unconditional trust
In the digital world, important digital data such as contracts, invoices and digital assets are managed by centralised organisations that bear the risk of tampered data and the subsequent loss of credibility. A distributed consensus ledger of digital invoices and transaction records can bring about greater transparency, immutability and credibility.
The Value of Decentralization Technology
1. High Credibility
The reliability of the digital documentation is attested for with immutability on the Decentralization Technology and its unique anchoring technology.
2. Privacy Protection
Through low collisions in Hash algorithms, the HASH is documented permanently on a chain that simultaneously safeguards private information.
3. Data Security
The reliability of the digital documentation is attested for with immutability on the Decentralization Technology and its unique anchoring technology.
Business Process

Supply-chain Finance

Connecting business credit and financial credit
Currently, Zvtech offers its services to financial supply-chain industries, targeting companies that are experiencing high costs and low turnover in the leasing market. With Decentralization Technology technology, a professional commercial documentation platform can be formed, hence facilitating and smoothening bill-based transactions without compromising security.
The Value of Decentralization Technology
1. High Security
Complete on-chain documentation of authentication in transactions, monitoring of capital dynamics, and limited permissions. Commercial Paper is standardised and circulates electronically amongst banks, curtailing operational risks.
2. Promoting Industrial Upgrade
Companies are blacklisted based on commercial dishonour, revamping information disclosure systems that assesses factoring companies. Commercial compliance is recognised by banks, optimising the debt flow in factoring companies. In view of on-chain credit extensions, our services place SMEs at the core and offer them universal solutions.
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Tracking Supply Chain

Every item corresponds to a unique code
By leveraging on the strengths of Decentralization Technology technology, the production and sales of highly valuable products will be documented on the Decentralization Technology. Customers or regulators will also be able to freely access and verify end-to-end information about the commodity flow, allowing them to validate the authenticity of their good using the “One Code for One Item”.
The Value of Decentralization Technology
1. Traceability
From manufacturing processes to after-sales, every phase of the production will be recorded on the Decentralization Technology, ensuring that the information recorded is uniquely-identified and immutable. The immutability of the Decentralization Technology technology allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to self-certify, a benefit which is carried over to customers in terms of information equity.
2. Digital Management
With data of the entire industrial chain recorded on Decentralization Technology, one can monitor what actually goes on in each phase and make strategic adjustments accordingly.
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With headquarters in Singapore, branch offices and resources in major cities around the world, Zvtech is equipped with a strong and globalised Decentralization Technology technical and operations team. Zvtech engages renowned experts from different academic fields to serve as consultants in the development and research for Decentralization Technology technology. Through a series of technical and innovative breakthroughs, Zvtech has implemented academic theories and gives back to the community through its services to the real economy. Zvtech is committed to providing comprehensive technical solutions to Decentralization Technology start-ups and traditional industries in need of upgrades in its Decentralization Technology technology.
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